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New page header

2008-03-08 09:26:43 by wallsandfloors

i have made a new userbar and uploaded it, so if youre on my page then please leave a comment :).
Im also going to be submitting a flash that ive worked on for quite a bit sooner or later. so watch out for it.

EDIT: It has now been posted! go check it out


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2008-03-14 21:41:15

i like it ^^

about your first flash (nice one btw, if you DO make a sequel why don't you see if you can fit in one of my songs? most of them are dancey, a couple have guitar in it as well if you like putting in guitar bits.

anyway congrats on your first flash (and new header)

wallsandfloors responds:

I might just use some of your music, its nice and dancey (from the three ive heard) I particularly like "Para Anna"


2008-03-14 21:43:06

damn! a typo in my last comment!

the brackets are meant to be closed after the btw and before the comma
(we all make mistakes, lol)


2008-03-16 18:16:54

glad you like it ^^

Para Susanna goes along the same lines as Para Anna (it also has guitar in it)